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For the first time in your company’s history, cybersecurity has become part of your bottom line. We know what you're going through. PKC Security will solve your problem faster, cheaper, and with better technology than anyone else.

Our Services

PKC creates peace of mind. Whether it’s custom software, an audit, or penetration testing, we combine technical strategy with secure code to build safe and effective systems.

Custom Software

Not every problem has a one-size-fits-all solution. We craft personalized software to solve your unique problems. Clojure, Java, C#, C/C++, Ruby: We can build software in any language your firm requires.

Code and Infrastructure Audit

Writing software is tough. Writing secure software is even tougher. We partner with your developers to strengthen your code through audits. Let your board and customers know you are safe with an independent security report.

Cybersecurity Consulting

There are often misconceptions about what is secure. We bring clarity as we assess risks and help you understand and remove potential threats. Our consultants become the team you turn to when your bottom line is at risk.

Case Study | Balboa

End-to-end encrypted business communications platform for the developing world.

PKC made Balboa as an easy-to-use app with encrypted multiparty video, chat, and file-sharing. Our innovations in encryption led to speeds faster than Google Drive, on a platform accessible from any place where internet exists.

Research & Blog

Our thoughts on cybersecurity strategy, emerging technologies, and management.

Emscripten, Clojurescript, and Cryptography

Becker Polverini, 17 January 2017

An old adage in cryptography is that one should never “roll his or her own crypto.” Besides being really hard to get right, it is stress-inducing, time-consuming, and tedious. It quickly becomes a black hole of code review and worry.

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Yet another end-to-end Encrypted App

Ken Kantzer, 16 December 2016

So far, end-to-end encryption has primarily risen as a response to perverse cloud models where services are incentivized to collect as much data as possible. But other incentive models are emerging.

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