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Introducing Balboa: End-to-End Encrypted Business Communications

Balboa allows you to send encrypted, ultra-secure files & messages to your clients and co-workers. It's fast, incredibly easy to use, and encrypted end-to-end.

Our Services

Custom Security Software Development

We write personalized security software for your needs.

When personal safety or financial livelihoods are on the line, your average software developer might not be enough. Grant yourself peace of mind by recruiting our best-in-class developers with practical experience in cryptography and security architectures.

We specialize in writing Clojure and ClojureScript applications serving security purposes. The ability to interleave with Java provides flexibility for our enterprise clients and the conciseness of the language accelerates the development timeline. We believe that the JVM manages memory well and that the JVM type system provides good security guarantees. Our other languages include Java and C.

Software Development Security

We review the code your developers write.

Writing software is hard enough. Writing secure software is even harder. Let us help you secure your software applications by partnering with your developers to encourage secure development practices through code audits, reviews, and training sessions.

We provide code audits that utilize the SANS Top 20 and OWASP Top 10 for multiple languages and frameworks including Java, C, Clojure, Ruby on Rails, and Python (Bottle, Flask, and Django). In addition to reports of our findings, we provide training sessions to address the coding anti-patterns that we discover. We are also able to contribute patches to the code base in order to address security vulnerabilities, leaving your team free to focus on developing new features.

Risk Management

We craft a tailored plan for securing your data.

Ensuring sensitive or proprietary information doesn’t leak is a top priority to staying ahead of your competition. Take control of your data today with a data governance plan tailor made for your organization.

We create threat models that highlight our clients’ risk through addressing their particular assets that need protection and threats to such assets. When we help you create a threat model, we prioritize available resources to protect the most at-risk assets with a well-defined roadmap that makes the sensible and affordable security trade-offs you need.

Security Architecture and Design

We analyze your security schemes or we create one for you.

One-size-fits-all security designs won’t always fit your needs. Boost your confidence in your security schemes with our cryptography knowledge and security architecture experience. Allow us to design the ideal security scheme for your particular data protection needs.

We ensure our clients’ existing or newly designed security schemes are in line with best practices, have appropriate assumptions, and lead to logical guarantees that are consistent with our clients’ needs. If needed, we can help our clients rethink their initial assumptions and adjust their schemes as necessary.

Network Security

We monitor your firewalls and network.

Getting network security right can be tedious and requires an arcane skill set. We provide the missing links between network architecture, network security device deployment, and monitoring. It is our job to be vigilant and parry cyber attacks aimed at your enterprise.

We configure firewalls to watch your workflow, stay out of your way, and defeat attackers. We also regularly audit your servers to check that you are only exposing necessary services to the outside world and that local ports are available only to the appropriate users. We also deploy network monitoring services to sniff for suspicious traffic that may indicate reconnaissance or active attacks.

Operations Security

We design a strategy for managing your IT assets.

Rest well knowing that all your devices and software are secure with the latest patches and correct configurations.

This process includes implementing software and hardware asset inventories, device encryption, patching to latest versions, and verification of correct configurations. We also help create security-related business processes and documents for situations such as international travel preparation, lost devices, and incident response.

Access Control

We build robust credential management systems that work for the whole enterprise.

One of the most efficient ways to improve security is by introducing a credential management system that eliminates unnecessary complexity within the enterprise. Our systems are fast, flexible, and cost-effective. Let us show you how “need to know” can mean better security and not “need to know 500 different passwords.”

We implement credential management at the process-level wherever possible to avoid additional burden on IT staff. Our solutions comply with principles of password-management, role-based access-control, and principle of least privilege. We also provide technical guidance for implementing multi-factor authentication solutions.

Who We Are

PKC Security is a cybersecurity firm specializing in securing communications and data from global threats. We offer exceptional region-specific expertise in addressing the security concerns of companies operating within Asia and the Middle East. Our clients receive personalized security solutions that leverage our technical capabilities in our three functional areas of expertise: software, security planning, and infrastructure security.

The Team

Becker Polverini ⋅ CEO, Co-Founder

Becker is a computer scientist with expertise in intrusion detection, censorship and surveillance evasion, and cybersecurity data analytics. He has worked with Microsoft Research and DIMACS on Chinese censorship and espionage, at the Columbia University Intrusion Detection Systems Laboratory on the insider threat problem, and in kinetic warzones guaranteeing continued and confidential communication with allies. Published research while at Princeton University includes work in machine learning and censorship analysis. His work at PKC involves applied cryptography, business development, and cybersecurity consulting.

Ken Kantzer ⋅ Co-Founder

Ken is an information systems security engineer with expertise in designing secure system architectures and conducting comprehensive security assessments. At Booz Allen Hamilton, he undertook cyber security consulting efforts across multiple sectors: oil & gas, national defense critical infrastructure, and high security government systems. Most recently, he served as one of four primary investigators in an international-based security assessment of an industrial production system responsible for generating $45B in annual revenue. His primary interests include technical attribution across networks, web security, and cryptography.

Daniel Chyan ⋅ Co-Founder

Daniel is a computer scientist specializing in the sociological impacts of cybersecurity for organizations and nation-states. With the Princeton University Center for Information Technology Policy, Daniel researched network security and reverse-engineered algorithms behind Chinese censorship infrastructure. While at the FCC, Daniel worked on the launch of a new nation-wide mobile broadband measuring technology with over 3 million volunteer participants. His primary interests include exploring novel user-interface design in the development of cybersecurity tools for security non-professionals, obfuscation technologies, and steganography.

Dan Norman ⋅ CSO

Daniel Norman is an electrical and software engineer who specializes in building mission critical systems in multiple industries: aviation, telecom, insurance, finance, and industrial automation. During his time with MAG and Tata Consulting Services, his work was responsible for software improvements saving companies millions per month due to damaged parts and inefficiencies. His primary interests include software project management, product strategy, and mobile application development.

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